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Rapid changes of direction and cutting maneuvers are frequent in team sports. Enhanced capability to change direction quickly enables players to create the space and time needed for a shot, pass, or block that can influence match performance.

Grip socks have a special material on the bottom that helps to create friction between the foot and the surface, providing better traction and stability. This helps players to maintain their footing and make quick cuts and turns more easily, which is especially important in football where creating opportunity is based on a lot of sudden and quick movements. Grip socks also provide extra cushioning to the feet which can help to reduce the impact of playing on hard surfaces and can help to protect the feet and lower legs from injuries.

Developed for both male and female athletes. VYPR GRIP reduces slippage inside your shoe giving you greater stability, keeping you focused on the game and giving you the ability to perform with ultimate comfort.


(Harry Kane, STATSports Ambassador, England National Football Team Captain and Tottenham Hotspur Team Captain seen wearing the STATSports x VYPR Grip Socks)

“Grip socks improve slalom course performance and reduce in-shoe foot displacement of the forefoot in male and female sports players”

Lets put this theory to the test…

Two sock conditions were tested; grip socks (GS) and regular sport socks (RS). The RS (Performance Crew Sports Socks, Adidas) were 1.2 mm thick with material consisting of 60% cotton, 36% polyester, 3% elastane and 1% nylon. The GS (LUX Sports) were 2.4 mm thick and had rubber pads (7 x 9 mm) on the inside and outside of the sock material. The commercially available grip socks (GS) tested were found to improve change of direction performance during a slalom course compared to a regular sock (RS).

On average, female and male participants completed the course in 12.74 and 12.57 seconds in GS compared to 13.29 and 12.89 seconds in RS respectively, which was a moderate effect.

The grip socks tested improved agility performance across male and female participants and can be recommended to team sports players to enhance their change of direction ability. This is attributed to the increased mechanical coefficient of friction of grip socks reducing in-shoe foot displacement of the forefoot during the deceleration of the sharper turn manoeuvre and not shoe-floor ground reaction forces.

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STATSports X VYPR Grip Socks

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