How accurate is the GPS Tracker compared against other wearable trackers or watches?


The GPS Tracker is the most accurate and reliable tracker on the market designed exclusively to measure sports specific movements. Developed through years of research and development allowing us to work with leading professional teams and their athletes around the world who depend on scientifically proven and validated products. The Tracker contains the latest sensor technology including 10Hz GPS, 100Hz accelerometer, 100Hz Gyroscope, 10Hz Magnetometer, BLE, and heart rate compatibility which allows us to monitor every aspect of your training and games providing accurate data.

FIFA Approved GPS Tracker…

The Tracker has been independently validated for data accuracy and reliability by FIFA through the FIFA Quality Programme which utilised the Gold Standard Vicon motion capture system as the criterion measure for human movement in a sporting context. Alongside this, see a scientific paper on the data accuracy of the tracker here .


Compared to other GPS trackers on the market the Tracker is the most accurate and fit for purpose when it comes to measuring sports specific movements. Many fitness trackers/watches/phones have a much lower GPS sampling rate of 1HZ as their technology isn't developed specifically to handle the large data outputs our tracker can measure which in turn leads to higher error rates in other wearables.

So in short if you're wondering why your previously used tracker is giving you different readings for total distance than your Tracker the answer simply comes down to the sampling rate (10hz v 1hz) and technology capabilities within that device so please rest assured that the data Apex provides is accurate and allows you to make decisions in confidence on your outputs.

Have a read of this independent article from Which, that illustrates exactly what we are referring to. The error levels can be seen in this example that looks at a trackers ability to measure total distance in a Marathon (26.2 miles) but astonishingly it recorded as 30.9+ miles meaning an error rate of 17.9%. Imagine all that preparation you have done but yet its been based on inaccurate data. Don't take the chance and utilise your Apex tracker.


STATSports APEX GPS Tracker

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