Our Application is the only GPS performance monitoring tool built from the ground up for football.

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The best use STATSports

Our Technology is used by the best football teams in the world including 17 Premier League teams along with Liverpool, Juventus and many more.


Our System allows for unobtrusive feedback on individual player & team performance in each session,
all season long.

Live Streaming

Our Live Streaming APP allows coaches to monitor players in real-time and adjust training to meet the objectives of each individual session.

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Our Technology incorporates the APEX / Viper pod with accompanying software to deliver the most accurate and reliable tool in collecting and measuring both training and match-day data for each player. Our System is regarded as the worlds leading player performance analysis system available on the market. Our product allows coaches to manage squad training loads from pre-season right through the entire season to effectively manage player conditioning levels and preventing injuries.

The primary metrics presented in STATSports Software include


Heart Rate Variability

High Metabolic Load Distance



Average Metabolic Power


Dynamic Stress Load

Step Balance


High Speed Running


Also included as primary metrics within our software are the innovative metabolic metrics that give an accurate reflection of energy expenditure through the collective analysis of constant speed activity combined with acceleration and deceleration activity. The comparison of energy expenditure within training drills and that of games can give coaches a valuable insight into whether or not the intensity of training drills is similar to game intensity levels.

The metabolic metrics:

Average Metabolic Power

Energy Expenditure

High Metabolic Load Distance

Equivalent Metabolic Distance

The above listed High Metabolic Load Distance (HMLD) is measured in metres and it includes both High Speed Running distance and also distance covered while accelerating or decelerating above 2m/s². Players who don’t get into high speed running zones because of covering short, sharp distances are given credit in their HML score because the intensity of the work can be just as great.

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Dynamic Stress Load is another metric along with HMLD that is very useful for football conditioning coaches monitoring player and squad training loads over the course of a season.

(DSL) is a APEX / Viper metric that allows us track the external load placed on the player and is presented in our software as a weighted score. It is a total of the weighted impacts that the player experiences during a session or game. Every player has different bio-mechanics, injury history and fatigue levels which all play a role in determining how a player deals with the external load.

Tactical Analysis Features

The tactical analysis features within the software allow for all coaches to use the software and the APEX / Viper data to objectively look at player positioning, player movement from an aerial aspect, giving coaches a truly unique perspective when assessing players performance on the tactical side of the game, a perspective that cannot be captured through the use of camera orientated solutions.

The tactical analysis features included within the software:

Session Replay

Video Sync

Positional Map

Activity Heat Map

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