STATSports have brought performance monitoring within professional rugby to the next level. It has changed everything.

STATSports Rugby includes the innovative software set to revolutionise performance analysis within the sport of rugby with the ability to track every individual collision and analyse every scrum with impact timing differentials and return to feet statistics for each individual player within the scrum on top of all the standard STATSports metrics such as speed, distance, accelerations, decelerations etc.

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The best use STATSports

Our technology is used by the best Rugby teams in the world including IRFU, RFU, RFL League and many more.


Our System allows for unobtrusive feedback on individual player & team performance in each session, all season long.

Live Streaming

Our Live Streaming App allows coaches to monitor players in real-time and adjust training to meet the objectives of each individual session.

Collision Load & Collision Analysis

Each collision in the Individual Collision Analysis Table is given a Collision Load score whilst also displaying the duration of the collision. These values have been formulated based on extensive research in which over 10,000 collisions were analysed in the development stage of the APEX / Viper Rugby software.

Scrum Analysis

Our world-leading scrum analysis feature automatically recognises and analyses every scrum which takes place. Hit impact, hit sync, duration and post scrum acceleration are calculated using the powerful 100Hz accelerometer within the unit and can then be analysed through a concise, user friendly software interface.

With this cutting edge technology scrummaging and the subsequent physical toll on players throughout practice or games is no longer a mystery. Track and analyse the trend in hit impact and sync over an 80 minute game, the total scrum duration from one game to the next or the change in post-scrum acceleration as a player fatigues and no longer ignore the considerable physical demands of packing down in the front row with STATSports APEX / Viper Scrum analysis. Within our Scrum Analysis software feature, there is a table that displays all of the above information on each and every scrum.

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brian o driscoll ireland rugby

Brian O’Driscoll (IRFU)

“Working with STATSports has changed the way Ireland train. The information we receive back from each session allows us to understand workloads and potential for injury. The feedback we get is hugely important to our fitness staff in working out the time we spend on our feet on a weekly basis. In a nutshell it’s revolutionised professional rugby training.”

Brian O’Driscoll, Ireland Rugby
Six Nations Champions 2014

Chiefs Using STATSports

Chiefs Using STATSports

“With the STATSports system we are able to plan, monitor and manipulate the players on-field training sessions and games. The ability to do this has helped us increase the players conditioning levels and also given us the ability to prevent injuries. The data we are collecting with the use of the GPS system has for the first time given us a real indication of what the player’s outputs really are on the field.”

Phil Healey
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
The Chiefs New Zealand



“Essentially with STATSports you are taking the guess work out of the process of coaching and conditioning. It allows for precise sessions. Exact volume and intensities can be determined, thereby enabling coaches to prescribe drills and sessions that will produce the correct adaptive response to training that will transfer to improved performance on the match day. It is the ultimate link between the art and science of coaching.”

Johnny Davis
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Ulster Rugby