Mobile Antenna

The mobile antenna technology is the standard antenna solution as part of the Viper system for a team wishing to live stream data during training or games for real-time analysis.

Our industry leading model allows Viper Streaming to provide accurate performance data that matches post-session analysis. It means coaches can be fully informed when making vital decisions – when it really matters – during training and in games. The effectiveness of the antenna in monitoring a squad of over 30 players combined with its mobility and ease of use makes it the most used antenna solution with the best teams in the world of sport.

Viper Live Streaming utilises multiple channels and synchronised mesh networking to deliver all data streams from all units. Viper delivers all GPS speed and positional data, heart rate, R-R durations, digital compass, gyroscopic and accelerometer data; transmitting over half a million numbers every minute for a squad of over thirty players.

STATSports Antenna

Viper Streaming is the only system on the market that gives a reliable, consistent comparison between live and post event data and we would be happy to provide any client with a live competitive trial to allow side by side evaluation.
Using Viper Streaming, you can measure distance, speed, heart rate variability, accelerations, decelerations, impact, dynamic stress load and various power readings such as metabolic power. With Viper Streaming you can make live decisions with confidence.