STATSports delivers on Project MAESTRO

STATSports delivers on Project MAESTRO

Project Maestro set out to create a reference framework for AAL (Active and Assisted Living) tool evaluation, the production of a software platform and the subsequent intensive testing with different stakeholders.

This was tested during a twelve-month pilot phase with various potential users and their feedback gathered to validate the proof of concept.

STATSports engagement with both the MAESTRO project and the European consortium was a very positive one.

We had wanted to investigate potential applications of our fitness monitoring system within the health care setting and specifically to analyse any commercial potentials within the silver market.

For STATSports the project was detailed and covered all aspects of commercial investigation, analysis, systems and platform development and assessment.

Project MAESTRO for STATSports, as an SME, gave us valuable hands-on insight into a new market segment.

The most important aspect of the project was the pilot phase and the in-depth engagement with Siel Bleu and the cohort of older pilot participants.

This engagement in the MAESTRO project and pilot phase has directed us to greater investigate the healthcare market, specifically the silver market segment on our commercial agenda.

This project has also provided us with insights in terms of changes that we needed to make to our technology in order for it to be used by older users and also within the healthcare domain.

We are now planning to embark upon performing further R&D around eliciting requirements for products for these markets.