Apex Pro Series

Apex Pro Series is STATSports’ premium system, which is used by teams such as the Brazilian FA, German FA, PSG, Juventus, Liverpool, and Manchester United.


Unrivalled live data accuracy available via our intuitive iPad and Smartwatch Applications, allowing you to make real-time decisions in confidence.

Apex Team Series

Apex Team Series

Apex Team Series is STATSports’ entry level elite system. This system includes our Apex Team Series software package, with optional live-streaming functionality available through a desktop.


Apex Team Series provides users with unrivalled insights, accuracy and reliability in training and on gameday.

Apex Coach Series

Ultimate coaching platform allowing coaches to track their players’ Apex Athlete Series data via an iPad/Android tablet. Perfect for any team, regardless of level, wanting to improve.

Apex Athlete Series


GPS Tracker designed for the individual player. Apex Athlete Series tracks your metrics such as Total Distance, Max Speed, Sprints & more.