USSF partner STATSports APEX Athlete Series – coming to ALDC!

Lonestar SC is thrilled to share that STATSports, the global leader in elite soccer performance monitoring, used by the world’s best players and teams to capture key performance data during practices and games, is coming to Austin.


Lonestar SC is one of the first clubs in the country to introduce the new APEX Athlete Series device to its players. Now available to individual players for the first time, APEX Athlete Series is for those ambitious players who want to compete at their highest levels, whether to work towards national team or play for your favourite college program.  

Benefits to players include:  


Performance Benchmarks

Set personal goals and see week to week improvements. Compare data points with players on their own or other teams.


Activity Heatmap

Illuminates for players every inch of the field covered during play.


Live Tracking

Allows parents on the sidelines to monitor their child’s gameday activity on their smartphone.


Injury Management

Identifies movement imbalances, giving players greater insight into potential weaknesses, and provides the critical information needed to return to play with confidence post-injury rehab.

Data Privacy

Users have assurance of data privacy unless they opt in to a sharing mode.

Meet the STATSports team at NE Met Park September 1-3. They’ll demo the product, offer the chance to win free APEX Athlete Series devices, provide fun swag and present to all parents and players in person to answer any and all questions! Learn how to Track Like A Pro!