We’re thrilled that you have chosen this product and we’re excited for you to start tracking your data with your Apex Pod!

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Account Setup

The steps below will take you through setting your account up to get started.

Download App

(a) Download the ‘APEX ATHLETE SERIES APP’ from the App Store or Google Play


(b) Open App 

(c) Create Account 

(d) Turn on the Apex Pod

(e) Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on phone

Enter code

(f) Enter the 4-digit code shown on your Pod

(g) Select your Apex Pod to pair

Apex Pod Connected

(h) Apex Pod successfully connected

Recording your first session

The steps below will take you through how to record your first session.

Pod Tracking

(a) Charge the Apex Pod

(b) Turn the Apex Pod on

(c) Insert into vest with the power button facing out and the USB connection at the bottom.

(d) Once outside, the Apex Pod will beep 3 times. This means you are ready to go

(Please note: It can take 1-2 minutes to get GPS Signal)

(e) Turn the Apex Pod off when you complete the session

Sync your Session

These steps will guide you through syncing your session after you have completed your Game or Practice.

(a) Sync

(b) Select the session you want to sync

(c) Add details to the session

(d) Select Position

(e) Set Pitch Boundaries

(f) Complete

Analysing your Session

Discover the in-depth session analysis that gives you all the information and detail you need following your session.


Review your session with our Athlete Series Metrics.

Total Distance, High Speed Running, HMLD, Max Speed, Distance Per Min

Each measure has a benchmark to see where you are against peers and pro’s. Be sure to hit the ‘learn’ button to find out more info on your metrics.


Check out how you performed throughout your session with a five minute breakdown of two key metrics.

This helps you view your workload and where you have peaked.


Check out our Mapping feature where it displays your position on the field.

It also shows your Sprints and Pitch zones with a tap on the screen.


Total Distance

A key measure of the volume of your session. Make sure to edit your session start time / end time for the most accurate readings.

HMLD (High Metabolic Load Distance)

We developed a metric just for all those hard yards you put in during a session! This is a combination of all your HSR distance, and your distance covered while accelerating and decelerating.

Max Speed

Maximum speed you reach during the session in m/s, km/h or mph.

HSR (High Speed Running)

This is the distance that you have covered over 5.5 m/s (19.8 Km/h). Measured in meters or yards, the HSR distance tracks all those lung bursting runs, overlaps on the wings or tracking back to help your teammates.

Distance per minute

This is the distance you covered, divided by the duration of your session. A high value here indicates a high work rate throughout your session.

Current Speed

Speed you are currently running at in m/s, km/h or mph. This can be viewed during a Live Workout.


This is the length of your session. This can be edited in the ‘Edit Session’ tab in any given session.


A count of calories burned during a session.

Step Balance

Indicates any imbalances in your running style. Ideally, you would like to see a 50:50 breakdown. Large differences between right and left may be an indicator of a potential or historical injury.

DSL (Dynamic Stress Load)

This is the load that your body creates during your session. Gait, running style, weight and session type can all affect this score. When comparing DSL scores, only compare to yourself and base the data off similar session types and durations.


A simple count of how many times you accelerated over 3m/s².


A simple count of how many times you decelerated over 3m/s².

Number of sprints

A count of how many sprints you achieved throughout your session. Your sprint threshold can be increased or decreased via the ‘Configure Apex’ option located in the main menu. You must hold this speed for 1 second to register a sprint.

Sprint Distance

This is the volume of distance covered while sprinting. Your sprint entry speed will greatly affect this distance.

Current Heart Rate*

This is your current heart rate in beats per minute.

Average Heart Rate*

This is your average heart rate during the session in beats per minute.

Maximum Heart Rate*

This is your maximum heart rate reached during the session in beats per minute.

Time in Red Zone*

Total time spent above 85% of max heart rate.

*You must pair a Heart Rate monitor to view these Heart Rate metrics.