Use live data for broadcasting and fan engagement purposes.

Bringing data to the fans!

STATSports Broadcast platform is one of the latest developments in STATSports with continuous work taking place in the area of providing opportunities to our current clients to commercially exploit the data they’re already capturing during games.

STATSports have worked with a number of broadcasters and worked on integrating data through Viper Live Streaming and being able to
select certain metrics that fans would engage with.

The Viper pod allows for unobtrusive feedback on individual player and team performance for every single second, of every minute, of every session, all season long. The pod is an award winning ergonomically designed unit that tapers and curves gently to fit the players back. The pod is inserted into specifically designed Viper garments (vest/base layer) to collect data on the player’s performance.

Top Speed

Total Distance

Collision Analysis (Measured in G-Force)

Number of Sprints

Heart Rate Data

Team Total Distance

Acceleration (Per M/S)