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STATSports brand-new Multiple Augmented Performance Positional System (MAPPS) is a revolutionary new positioning and wireless communication technology for high speed and low power applications.

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Augmented 18Hz GPS

Apex incorporates the latest GPS technology with an enhanced sampling rate of 18Hz. Our GNSS engine uses the maximum number of visible satellites from multiple GNSS systems to provide the most accurate and reliable positioning data in the industry. Apex positional data is augmented by utilising satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS). This positional data is further augmented by our unique MAPPS technology to ensure the most accurate data feedback in the industry.

Bluetooth LE

STATSports Apex utilises the latest Bluetooth LE to connect with up to eight devices at any one time including; heart rate sensors, EMG shorts, smart watches and tablet devices. 

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This connectivity allows the Apex to become the centre hub of a full body wireless network of sensor devices. The Apex collates the data from these sensor devices and presents it all in concise reports through ourinnovative, user-friendly software solution.

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All Statsports Apex data can be transferred, stored and accessed from our cloud infrastructure. This allows, coaches, managers and federations access to the information they need in any place at any time on different device platforms including mobile, tablet and desktop. APIs are provided to give third party applications closer integration with player data. Data security is fundamental to our strategy as elite player performance data is both very valuable and commercially sensitive.

STATSports are the only performance monitoring company to manage security and safety of player data to internationally recognised medical devices standards, IEC 80002-3, IEC 80001-2-7, IEC 80001-2-8 & IEC 80001-2-9 according to the FDA’s cybersecurity guidance documentation.

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