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Apex Athlete Series, the revolutionary Rugby GPS tracker for a player with ambition. Understand your stats to improve your game and avoid injuries.

Track your total distance, max speed, sprints, and on-field heat map with Apex Athlete Series

World Rugby approved GPS Tracker

Used by the pros, designed for you.

Use the same technology as elite rugby teams such as Ireland, South Africa, England and many more. Easily interpret your own rugby training and game data without needing the support of elite sports scientists.

Logos of STATSports Rugby Clients
Logos of STATSports Rugby Clients

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TJ Perenara

TJ Perenara

“The Apex Athlete Series helps me track the amount of distance I cover and improve my speed over time. I use it through my week so that when it comes to Saturday I can perform to the level I need to perform at.”

Brian O’Driscoll

Brian O'Driscoll

“Working with STATSports has changed the way Ireland train. It’s revolutionised professional rugby training.”



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Rugby player using STATSports Apex Pod

Performance Indicators


16 key metrics, the most popular of which are
Total Distance, Max Speed, Sprints and Heat Maps.

**Source: International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance (August 2018)
Rugby player using STATSports Apex Pod

Why GPS Technology


Increase aerobic capacity by 46%
Increase game speed by 2.3%

* Source: Six sessions of sprint interval training improves running performance in trained athletes- Jerome Koral,
Dustin J, Oranchuk, Roberto Herrera and Guillaume Y. Millet (March 2018).
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Used by the most elite teams in the world.

16 Metrics

The only tracker on the market with 16 key metrics.

Pro Data

The most reliable data in the industry.

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