Time-of-Flight Tagging Technology changing indoor tracking forever.

STATSports Viper Indoor is the worlds first commercially used indoor tracking system for professional sport, the SI system uses state of the art time-of-flight tracking technology and is the ideal solution when tracking indoor or in challenging environments.

This innovative time-of-flight tagging technology works with the standard Viper pod with player data being collected via portable beacons positioned throughout the venue/arena and transmitted live into the STATSports Viper analysis software with an accuracy of up to 20cm.

The systems time-of-flight tagging technology has accuracy of up to 20cm and measures all Viper metrics that are recorded through our standard GPS solution as the technology used for Viper Indoor also integrates with the other components in the Viper Pod such as our tri-axial accelerometer to provide identical metrics to the normal Viper system.





Heart Rate Variability


High Metabolic Load Distance

Dynamic Stress Load

High Speed Running

Average Metabolic Power

Step Balance

viper indoor

On top of the indoor performance monitoring purposes that some of our clients have used Viper Indoor for, the system has also become the first commercially used indoor tracking solution in the world when we recently teamed up with Lucozade Sport for their Conditions Zone project.

The projected used our Viper Indoor system to stream data live during games in the indoor Conditions Zone in Canary Wharf.

The system’s reliability is unprecedented with the Live Streaming having been run on our Viper Indoor solution for the full duration of the Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone. The system was in operation for up to 10 hours each day, 6 days a week from June 1st until June 24th 2014.

viper indoor