STATSports Viper within the Champions League

16 Sep
Posted in: Clients | European Football
Published on:
September 16th, 2014


With the Champions League kicking into full swing tonight and tomorrow, we have a look at clients of ours competing in Europe’s top competition and how the Viper GPS system will help them manage the demands of European football on top of their weekly domestic action.

With STATSports teams competing in every group bar one, we have a pretty good idea of how teams can keep players at their physical best as a result of precise training load management through player and squad analysis within the Viper sports performance system. Teams that will be looking to capitalise on their Viper GPS data throughout the Champions League include FC Barcelona, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Galatasaray, Anderlecht, Juventus, Malmo, Bayer Leverkusen and Athletic Bilbao.

Being able to quantify the workload being put through player’s bodies on a daily basis becomes critical for the top teams in Europe with the Champions League starting. Managing player training loads during the weeks featuring Champions League matches is a critical function of the coaching staff so that players are managed appropriately to allow them compete midweek in the Champions League without dropping their standard in weekly domestic action also.

Arsenal for instance, after playing home and away in the last qualifying round will have at least 8 games in the Champions League on top of domestic Premier League action. This has taken two weeks already and will result in six more midweek games, preventing the team from a full weeks recovery between Premier League games. In contrast to their own preparation, they will be lining out against Premier League teams coming off the back of a full weeks training, it is crucial that they monitor and manipulate midweek training sessions surrounding the Champions League to allow the team to compete on both fronts.

Luckily enough, Viper allows them to do so.