STATSports in the NFL

09 Sep
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Published on:
September 9th, 2014


STATSports clients Cincinnati Bengals and the Carolina Panthers both opened up their NFL seasons with a win yesterday. Both teams used the Viper system throughout pre-season from rookie camp right into the start of the NFL season yesterday.

Both organisations began working with STATSports earlier this year as a result of the newly developed Viper Football software, built specifically to meet the needs of strength and conditioning coaches in college football and the NFL. With so many coaches involved in an NFL dressing room, it was important that the Viper Football software was built with this in mind. Performance metrics weighted specifically to different positions on the football field brought value within the system for each and every coach on the staff. Line of scrimmage analysis for both offensive and defensive lines is an important tactical feature alongside our core physiological based performance metrics that allow each coach to monitor the load being placed on each player within their unit.

Carolina Panthers Mike Tolbert, DeAngelo Williams & Graham Gano wearing Viper in mini-camp.

Each player has worn a Viper pod over the course of pre-season and this has allowed conditioning coaches alongside positional coaches, monitor player load and performance, especially players that may work across different units (e.g Defence and Special Teams). Being able to quantify the exact workload and stress a player endures in practice allows coaches to reduce soft tissue injuries by manipulating the amount of time a player spends in high intensity training.

Cincinnati Bengals A.J. Green and Andrew Whitworth being monitored in practice by Viper.

We’re delighted that our clients got off to a winning start, hopefully they use the Viper system to maximise training efforts this week with the Panthers facing off against Detroit and the Bengals welcoming the Falcons to Cincinnati.