Feature Focus: Sports Code Integration

23 Sep
Posted in: Feature Focus | Sports Science | Viper Software
Published on:
September 23rd, 2014


Within the Viper sports performance software there is the ability to integrate sports code from third parties such as Opta Sports, Prozone as well as any other XML based sports code file.

This gives coaches the ability to see tactical and in-game events alongside physiological data to identify and attribute physical stresses on the body with a players activity or decision making during an important play. Joining Viper data with sports code data brings analysis to a whole new level.

How high was that players heart rate when he missed that pass?
How fast was that player running when she missed that shot?
With sports code integration within the Viper system, you can now match physiological output with key moments in training and games.

Check out the video to see just how easy it is within the Viper system.